2019 NKBA NY Tri-State Design Competition Intent to Submit 

Competition Categories 
  • Kitchens (1st & 2nd prize for each sub-category) 

  • Traditional / Transitional   Large over 250 sq. ft  Small under 250 sq. ft  Contemporary / Transitional     Large over 250 sq. ft  Small under 250 sq. ft 

  • Bathrooms (1st & 2nd prize per sub-category)  Full Remodel or New Build       Traditional / Transitional         Large over 55 sq.ft       Small under 55 sq. ft             Contemporary / Transitional    Large over 55 sq.ft       Small under 55 sq.ft 

  • Laundry / Craft rooms / Closets (1st & 2nd prize) 

  • Powder Room (1st & 2nd prize) 

  • Rec Room / Family Room (1st & 2nd prize) 

  • Student (1 prize)  Large kitchen or bath  


Judging Criteria  

  • Floor Plan & Elevations: do they reflect the NKBA presentation guide lines are they legible and professional looking 

  • Photos  provide enough visual information; are photos of good quality 

  • Design Statement: does it concisely & accurately explain the following:  

  • Client needs & wants  

  • Design conception 

  •  Problems affecting the design/installation, and how they were addressed 

  • Appliance selections and why chosen 

  • Materials selections and why chosen 

  • Visual Appeal :  "The Wow Factor"; Design Integration; Execution and use of space ; Creative Concept Layout/Clearances/Safety; Material Selection; ; Appliance/Product Selection

Intent to Submit and  Registration
  • Intent to submit takes place through Constant Contact  (one form for all projects being submitted by designer) 

  • NKBA membership is required for eligibility to enter the competition   

  • Once you complete the online intent to submit form a Dropbox file will be created for EVERY entry. Every entry will have a unique identifier. 

  • The file will include the “Design Statement” form  

  • Every section is required to be filled in and all information requested must be complete or the entry will be disqualified. 

  • A LINK to the Dropbox file, for each submission, will be sent to, you, the designer/company. 

  • What YOU will place in the file :Completed design statement; Floor plans and elevations (NKBA standards); Photos,as many as possible, multiple angles, detail shots.

  • If any of the above is missing from the Dropbox File at time of deadline the entry is disqualified.

  • The last date to enter an intent to submit is Friday, October 31st at NOON.

  • Submission deadline is at MIDNIGHT on NOVEMBER 3RD the Dropbox Files will be made unavailable to the entrants.


  • When YOU have submitted all information into the Dropbox file you are required to send an email to the chapter email address letting us know you have completed your submission. You do not need to upload everything at once. Email: NKBANYTriStateChapter@gmail.com 

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