The NKBA Specialty Badge Program

Stand out in your field!  Let everyone know the specialty experience that you have mastered by earning professional credentials from NKBA.

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Demonstrate your skill in a range of industry disciplines by earning professional credentials.

The program is a form of personalized learning that demonstrates acquired knowledge of our members across all segments of the kitchen and bath industry, allowing members the ability to stay current with the latest information in this ever-changing industry.


Offering a focused overview of current kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry standards and features, the Remodeling Badge highlights basic building structures, systems, finishes, types, and styles.

Emphasis is made on the importance of building codes, regulations, permits, and inspections, and when and why they’re used. This study material also details the sequence of events of a remodeling project, from client interaction and budgeting to design plans, site management, and effective communication.


Solidify your expertise in current kitchen and bathroom cabinet industry standards and nomenclature with the Cabinetry Badge.

This study material covers various materials, finishing products, storage systems, and joinery options, as well as door styles, hardware, and manufacturing processes. It also emphasizes basic terminology and methods of sizing that are considered universal throughout the cabinetry industry.


Develop an understanding of current kitchen and bathroom sales and marketing industry standards and best practices with the Sales & Marketing Badge.

This study material touches on targeting potential clients, obtaining a customer for life, the different stages of a sales process, and basic marketing strategies and campaigns. Technology and social media platforms used to establish a brand in today’s market are reviewed as well.


Learn the industry standards, usage, and variations of current kitchen and bathroom floor plans and specifications with the Floor Plans & Specifications Badge. This study material highlights standardized symbols, elements, and the necessary components found on floor plan drawings, and how computer applications are used to create them.

Emphasis is also placed on how and when to use different measuring tools in order to generate an accurate plan.


Offering a focused overview of current kitchen and bathroom color industry standards and features, the Color Badge highlights specific information including the theory of color, color systems and schemes, the foundation of color and various color meanings.

This study material highlights perceptual characteristics of natural and artificial light in relation to color and incorporates human psychology and physiology aspects. Design concepts including design principles and elements, design styles and themes and the overall design process are also reviewed.


Develop an understanding of current kitchen and bathroom industry standards and best practices with the Sustainability Badge.

This study material highlights information to create a healthy home including energy, water and waste efficiency, recycling, upcycling and resource management. Basic terminology and sustainable products used for kitchen and bathroom projects are also reviewed.


Learn about current kitchen and bathroom lighting industry standards and features regarding different light sources; the types of lighting available; various lamps, fixtures, and controls with the Lighting Badge.

This study material covers how lighting affects spaces, surfaces and ultimately, the human experience and provides basic terminology. It highlights the perceptual characteristics of light in relation to color and provides design concepts and elements found on a lighting plan. Lighting codes and requirements, source placement and lumen output are also reviewed.

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